Poem For Peace


We need more peace and we need to push for it, fight for it, and to do that, we need to believe it it, and in ourselves. Please share and help send our empowerment out into the world! Tammy xo


The sun burns bright though it will lose its light.

We experience great insight as our ideas take flight.

We might never know why we find ourselves here,

But there can be no doubt our sacred breath is near.

We can choose to resist the beauty of our birth

Or make a choice to embrace our meaning and worth.

No one will know if we choose right or wrong,

No one has the power to fade nature’s song.

There is a great and powerful freedom in this,

As we stand to the light unafraid of our bliss

As we err on the side of honoring this life

And doing what we can to end all the strife

Especially for the consequences of this belief:

Our actions matter. We can provide relief.

We can take to the streets and voice our heart,

We can fight for what’s right and turn life into art.


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