Song of Our Power


Softy around the edges I go,
It is not too cold or too warm,
The colours are gentle and inviting,
And there is a perfect breeze.
In the center, our life-giving sun
Beams on a tall tree on a rounded hill.
The tree has more power
Than I’ve ever imagined or known,
But it is also perfectly still,
And calmer than anything I’ve seen.
I can see the life source
Streaming through it,
From root to rustling leaf.
The tree rests in pure being,
Inviting me to try the same.
Many nights I gaze up at the moon,
Looking for a sign that I am ready
To stop my journey around the edges
And one night, when the moon is full,
I know the time has come,
Something has changed inside me.
I look toward the tree and smile.
The ground is solid under me
And I know that I am safe.
I give thanks for where I’ve been
As I take my first steps toward the tree,
Hesitant at first, and then more free.
The sun lights my path as I climb,
Until I feel like a warrior of light,
Connecting to the sources of life. – TS



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