The Time is Now


In between what was
and what is coming,
as between the dark
and the light,
the moment that
cannot be touched
or seen.
Our time is now.
Before it eludes us
as it melds with
the behind,
it is time to rest
in the stillness
and capture what is
meant just for us.
Now is this
precious yellow
of the leaf that emits
its strongest scent
before it falls.
It is the slight breeze,
no more than a whisper
of what what you need
to know.
Now is for us all.
It is a time for opening,
and for claiming our
expansion. – TS

Into the world madly


Sometimes I feel
the questions ready
to spill over,
a mess of things
that have no answer.
Times like this
my thoughts paint over
the world around me,
and the trees are not trees,
and even the sun
is not what it is.
Where is our bearing
from here?
So I work backwards,
not in anger or with
any great resistance,
and leave the questions
where they are,
and with a gentle heart,
go out into the world
to find it again.