A Letter to My Loved One.

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Many years ago, I did my first university degree in Journalism, and while I loved the program and learned so much, I never had the instinct that I was going to become a journalist. I loved writing and communicating, without a doubt. But something was nagging at me – I always felt like I wanted to go deeper into knowing people’s stories, delving into the infinite layers of what makes things what/who they are. Eventually, I chose to go to film school, where I studied theory and thoroughly loved diving into the world(s) of meaning and beauty through film analysis. Now, all these years down the road, I am embracing a huge aspect of myself: as a writer and poet. I also, for the first time, see my words appear in The Guardian (which would have made my younger self gasp in awe!), not as a journalist, but as a person engaging in storytelling from the heart. It’s amazing how far our journeys take us in life, and how we also find ourselves always in a state of coming home … I wrote this anonymously, but wanted to share it with the few dear souls who check out my page! (p.s. they also changed the title. I actually feel understood by others too …

You can find the article in the Guardian, here. I’d love to know what you think!


Let’s Dance Under the Moon.

The call of the
deep blue
a dive into a place
where shadows are
but far from this
womb of our
For today,
the play of light,
the array of hues
we dream in,
that soften our
and heal what
We are called
to dance.
Let’s move in
this way,
where the watery
edges blur
and only comfort
and we are
under the
hopeful half
moon. – TSdscf5877