Sacred with Love.


If I could,

I would take each of you

By the hand

And lead you to a spot

Under my favourite tree,

Which arches over the world

From a perfect round hill.

The sun would be setting,

A fiery and orange hymn

To letting go.

I’d sit you down,

And ask you to tell me

Your story,

Not the one you are

Trained to tell,

Or the one you think

I want to hear.

I would ask you to

Peer deep into your heart

And tell me what you find,

And I would tell you

How safe you are here,

And how much

I look forward to

Our gilded exchanges.

We would breathe out

Our secrets

As the sky gives way

To velvet night,

And we would see

Our stories etched

Into the stars,

Sacred and fluid

With our love.


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