Dear Sweet Love, The Coming Storm


I would like to write my heart on your body

And become as close as I can to your story

I would like to ask you to take this heart of mine

And hold the parts that have trouble keeping still

I want to walk with you where the waves roll in

As we imagine each grain of sand a whole world

I would like to take the universe we inhabit

And saturate it with the deepest pink of our love

I would like to never ask you to be less of you

When all I’ve ever known is how very much you are

I want to watch you release your light into the world

And grow even stronger as you share the gift of you

I would like to honor every single aspect of you

The way I do every bright star in the clear night sky

I want to tell you that you embody perfection

In the way of every flower, tree and mountain

I also want to tell you that you are the mountain,

Fierce, protective, strong, rooted and ascending

I would like to know which sounds most haunt you

And which transport you to other realms of being

I would like to lay my hands on all of you at once

To try and understand the infinite as it plays on your skin

I want to remember that you are not the answer,

But a dear companion on the great journey of questions

For I can hear it in the wind: there is a storm coming.

Please let’s hold hands: let’s all love our way through.



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