I Choose Love.


When it turns to dark
And my heart says hide
I can still love.
When I can’t inspire
Or feel the muse around me
Still, I can love.
When the air has gone dry
When my throat is muffled
When I can no longer sing
I can still choose love.
When the words fail me
When everything is wrecked
When love has forsaken me
And my memories fade
So that I’m forsaking myself
There is still a space for love.
When my soul fragments
When my joints thicken in fury
When my eyes gloss over
And I can hear the ocean wailing
When the world is torn to bits
I can still love, and love again.
When the magic fades away
When I’ve lost my perspective
When my protection is gone
And my nerves are shot
When the tears won’t stop
When I never want them to
I can always choose love.
When the sky hangs heaviest
When fear is the loudest sound
When I collapse into a pile
And passions run mad
When colours bleed and spill
I can choose the path of love.
When the platform is gone,
When I don’t understand
Anything at all about love,
I will still, as best as I can,
Choose love


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