Oh, Canada!


I don’t know, maybe it’s because Justin Trudeau is now one Prefecture over from mine in Mie for the G7 Summit (I was in the area last week and saw security ramping up in a huge way, and also visited one of the most sacred shrines in Japan, which Trudeau will surely be visiting soon) … but it makes me want to scream from the rooftops (where I might be heard by several world leaders):

We’re coming to Canada!

Well, not quite yet. We still have the matter of getting my husband’s visa. But after years of travel, and then … resting? for awhile in Japan, we’re thrilled to be in the beginning stages of our move back home (for me) and to a new home (to him). It’s what we’ve been dreaming of and planning for, if a bit abstractly through our amazing wanderings abroad.

It’s overwhelming thinking of the things that need to be done, but at the same time, I shiver with excitement thinking about continuing my writing career in the place that has inspired so many of my stories and has been the foundation of so much of what I am – a foundation I’ve only grown to appreciate as I entered new cultures and found myself both riveted and confounded by my own positioning in the scheme of things.

These are all issues I’m sure will be writing about in the years to come, both as I journal my way through myriad emotions, and allow the past few years to seep into my skin and bones. I’m hoping for a tapestry of words that will only expand (and warm, and protect), as the years on our new homestead unfold.

For now, Japan is an unparalleled experience, but Canada awaits, a new promiseĀ  for a new future. My husband can taste the maple syrup already (I’m more of a poutine type myself) :).



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