My Street Japan. DAY 41.

My Street Japan. DAY 41. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 41. Tammy T. Stone

I love the bike culture here. It’s not hip, or cool, or not hip, or not cool. It just is. Old, young, all kinds. There are too many cars on the street, for sure, and a distinct lack of parking space, which makes me even more relieved to see that the bike culture is still going so very strong.

These are a few of the bikes lined up in their cozy little parking space in front of my building. There is no designated parking spot for our bikes. At first, we thought we’d bring them up to our apartment everyday. I lasted 0 days, and my husband lasted 1. Bike theft is fairly rampant here – people don’t steal them to keep, but to ride and leave at their destination, mostly. Police are pretty vigilant about checking for theft. So far, I’ve left my keys in my bike overnight at least three or four times, without a problem. My bike in Toronto, on the other hand, was parked safely off the road, and was stolen within weeks. Luck of the draw?

I love the polka-dot seat cover, though I’ve never met the bike’s owner, so I can’t compliment them on it yet. Also note the possibly illegally parked motorbike at the end – it’s there most days, so far with no problem.

Conspicuously absent is the little half-can of tomato juice that someone leaves in at least one of our baskets every few days, though there’s a can deposit box right next door at the Circle K convenience store.


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