My Street Japan. Day 38

My Street Japan. DAY 38. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 38. Tammy T. Stone

Anatomy of a construction worker.

I first saw these baggy pants on a few Japanese hippies in the Himalayas, and thought they were the coolest. My husband, bewildered, explained to me that this was the uniform of the construction worker in Japan, which I found interesting. I’ve never seen this look before. (In case you don’t believe me, the yellow hard hat rests my case!) There’s a relatively huge (for these parts) condo going up behind my apartment – at 10 storeys, it will tower over the neighborhood – so many this guy is working there. By the way, when I lived in Toronto, I had a gas station go up on the corner of my street, right next door to my building. It was an agony-ridden year of noise. Here, not a peep. At 8:00 a.m. I can see the crew doing mandatory exercise in a group by the entrance to the site, and then they get to work, quiet as mice (I’d here them if they were talking much), and they leave punctually some time between 5 and 6 (depending on the day). Quiet, respectful of the space in which they work.

Bonus: this wasn’t taken on my street, but in a nearby mall. Halloween has gone from almost non-existent here to the third-largest “market” holiday (cash-earning) in just a few years. Here, a troupe of dancers are entertaining wee ones at the mall to the tune of “Thriller”.

Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone

Happy Halloween!


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