My Street Japan. Day 23. {Photography project}

My Street Japan. DAY 23. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 23. Tammy T. Stone

I’m back after a couple days’ absence – my husband and I went to a hot springs (“onsen”) in Gifu, which is one prefecture over. What a difference a half-hour train ride makes! From the urban jungle to bodies of water, mountains and clear air. Heaven. As was the library they had at our hotel, which had, amid shelves of books and magazines, an unattended-to bar counter, and old-world style couches and chairs … two English books! Harry Potter 3 and 4. I’ll never get tired of finding new worlds carved out of the English stuff I find here in Japan.

Coming back to sunny days is another little slice of heaven. I just love how the door/gate is slightly open – it’s usually not – and how it looks like a doorway, or invitation. I also love how this lady looks like she might just pop into the doorway and find herself in some kind of Alice-in-Wonderland adventure – who knows?


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