My Street Japan. Day 20.

My Street Japan. DAY 20. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 20. Tammy T. Stone

One tree, two trees …

I’m not sure exactly what lies on the right of this photo, but it’s always there. As I framed the photo of this curios object, I noticed how tree-like it looks, standing there in all its spindly glory, next to its tree friend. I’m so glad these two little treasures have companions in one another!

The Gold of Day {Poem}


I edge closer to the

Small leaves turning

Autumn red

And dive in

Entranced by the

Velveteen richness,

Become swallowed until

I emerge bounding

On the other side,

Deep in the Himalayan forests,

Among the tall, thin saplings

Where the white fox dog

Has been waiting

For our return,

And leaps over

Panting his joyous breaths

And we sit, side by side,

On the slope of the

Forest mountain

The moist earth our cushion

Watching the sun trickle down

A slow fractal descent

In the gold of day

– Tammy T. Stone