My Street Japan. Day 13.

My Street Japan. DAY 13. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 13. Tammy T. Stone

Japan is an umbrella-loving country. Umbrellas for rain, umbrellas for sun, colourful umbrellas, custom-made umbrellas, you name it! One of my favorite films in the world is Jacques Demy’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (if you have not seen it, check it out!) so I always delight at seeing brightly coloured and designed umbrellas and knowing how much people delight in them.

For my part, I’m happy to report that a year ago, it was inconceivable for me to hold an umbrella while riding a bike, and now it’s far less of a problem (though I”m no means issue-free on this front, especially when it’s raining in torrents). You can also see women with devices fastened to their bikes that hold the umbrellas for them, though I’ve heard they’re now illegal and that police will be enforcing the ban more (I haven’t seen anything stopping the ladies with the bike holders yet, though!)

Today was a gloriously sunny day. The woman in the photo is protecting herself from the sun, and I didn’t notice until I downloaded the image into the computer that she’s reading a book! Of course, I’m very curious as to what she’s reading. More than anything, though, this photo makes me want to watch old Japanese movies from the sixties, and invites me into an exotic world I’ll never truly understand, but that I can easily romanticize.

We can all do with a little romanticizing every now and then – and by the way, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg will give you this pleasure ten times over!

Here’s a peek at this brilliant film:

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