My Street Japan. Day 12.

My Street Japan. DAY 12. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 12. Tammy T. Stone

I’m not going to lie.

I’ve never noticed this sign before, not until this morning. All I had to look was look up at a certain angle, and with a bit of a mind to notice.

First, I saw blue( and white) -on-blue (and white) – a perfect sky after a couple of days of rain, mixed with fluffy clouds that almost beg you to reach up and scoop them into a hug.

I’ve always loved this kind of tone-on-tone composition, that is more or less accidental.

Then I see it’s a sign for people to watch for schoolkids who might be crossing.

In fact, this sign hovers above a nursing home, and I have never seen any group of kids (they usually wear these adorable bright yellow hats as they walk together to school, to be better noticed) crossing here. There is a school not too far away, but the kids seem to stream over there from the residential streets nearby, and not from my more “main street.”

Just a couple of decades ago, from what I understand, my street was a hub of sorts, active, with thriving businesses and colour and life. Maybe the bubble burst along with the rest of Japan, or maybe the timeline was a little different.

It’s amazing what one tiny sign tells me about what was – and maybe about hopes for what will still be.


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