My Street Japan. Day 6. {Photography Project}

My Street Japan. DAY 6. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 6. Tammy T. Stone

This is what I see looking up and to the right from in front of my apartment. Except in colour. I can read one of the words up there, and it says “home” …

Isn’t it interesting that we rarely like to see a grey, hazy day, but are so attracted to the stark world of hue-less black-and-white? Does the scene come alive in monochrome, or make one nostalgic? It’s a mysterious effect, black-and-white …

4 thoughts on “My Street Japan. Day 6. {Photography Project}

  1. I’ve always thought that monochrome allows our eyes to focus on form and the lines of an image. Perhaps this is more important when looking at an unfamiliar image or seeking to defamiliarize what is known. When we experience the world, color is a force in and of itself–we feel it, just as we would texture. But when we capture a single image, to be viewed at leisure, color often distracts. Monochrome sends a different packet of information to our brains.

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    • Thank you for sharing, philosophoenix! That’s fascinating. I love the idea that monochrome allows for a change of perspective by the “removal” of colour. Or is it a removal? Maybe colour, as a distraction, is an “addition”. I totally agree that colour is a force in the world – that is so brilliantly put! It certainly seems to have a sway on us in ways we might not predict theoretically. You’ve given me a lot to think about – thank you!


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