Who Am I? (Poem)

Tammy T. Stone in Kyoto.

Tammy T. Stone in Kyoto.

This poem is inspired by the famous meditation technique practiced by the great Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi…

He practiced sitting in contemplation, asking the question over and over: Who am I?

In asking this question repeatedly, we start to understand what we are not – we are not our bodies, we are not our minds, we are not the fleeting and transient identities we form, and re-constitute, over time. The more we are capable of shedding the layers of these comfortable senses of self (by looking at them directly, and rendering them strange), the more gracefully we can approach what is most true: that we exist in our hearts, from our hearts, and in a world arising in universal love.

With this poem, I immerse myself in a line of questioning that speaks to a state of confusion and longing, one of the many storms traversed in a life on the way to the horizon of love that permeates us …


Who Am I?

by Tammy T. Stone

Who wakes to the mountain morning

Bowing before the day’s first sun?

Who hears the crackle of twigs underfoot

And who is the one listening?

Who is praying for a softer heart,

Who hears the cage-rattling fear?

Who has combed the ocean floor

Exploring its warmest blue echoes

And who wades through the sand

Dreaming in the mermaids’ mist?

Who hides in life’s sweet interruptions

Yearning to be jolted awake?

Who smothers the love

That has come along to find her?

Who hears the long lost chant of sisterhood

Wailing through the sea of Time,

And who smiles in long lost memory?

Who venerates in Indian ink

Exalting in mystic lullabies?

Who inhales the wind?

Who are we who have found each other,

Finally, on Earth’s orchard grounds?

Who am I who floods the world

With hopes till faraway’s end?


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