Poem: Origins


Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone



let’s work backwards,

to get where are,

which is where we long

to be,

so we can build ourselves

up again

(how often we need to

build ourselves up again,

after a fall, how

shattered the heart).

Let’s start with that place

on the other side of memory,

where we find

bliss, which is pure joy,

back to contentment and peace,

and then harmony between

self and our world of touch

and our world of fantasy,

an explosion

through the gathering of

insides and out,

digging through the tendrils of night

and taking in, knowing from

wells of ancestral wisdom how to

outstretch our hands in giving and receiving

because we’ve seen others, and

allowed for our own tender witnessing,

penetration –

to see love in our own eyes,

which reflects every one of us,

the fragile corners of our secret pain

bringing us into sacred congregation,

the yearning for wholeness coming from

deep wells of oceanic wisdom

but we can find it in

all beginnings,

in the holiness of everyday things

now that we are here,

a shared smile, a deep-bellied

laugh, arms wrapped around a

tree, arms wrapped around
each other.


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