I’m a Winner! Awards Season.

I am beyond honoured and delighted to be among this distinguished Awards Season list!

I would like to thank TasteHitch from the bottom of my expat heart for stopping by and enjoying this labour of love, There’s No War in World. Arigatou gozaimasu!

And now, for a small list of places I love to visit:

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Well tickle a badger and call me Sally, I’ve been nominated two blogging awards recently. I know this doesn’t translate into instant riches and fame (mores the pity) but it does make me go all warm and glowing inside.

Like tea.

I’ll deal with the awards in order of being nominated – the other award may make an appearance next week but they do take a chuffing long time to write.


Firstly, from the rather marvellous Akansha (who writes beautifully and has excellent teeth…probably) is the Premio Dardos award. I was nominated a while ago for this but have only just got around to writing the post. Mainly due to work. Stupid work.

The Premio Dardos award is…


I like the fact that I have been nominated for an award that prizes literary merit and ethics when goodness in one so often means badness in the other.

In any case…

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