Sometimes I Wish. {Poem}

This poem was inspired by the many hopes and wishes I was so lucky to hear and have written to me over New Year’s. They really struck a deep chord within me.

Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone

sometimes i wish

sometimes i wish i
could gather everyone’s wishes
that whisper soft and deep into the wind
and put them all in
a giant glass bottle, and roll
the bottle out to sea
where the sun’s rays
would catch and beam them
out to the farthest reaches of the universe.

i wish i could take this love-tinted bottle
filled to the very brim with tender hearts
and fear-laced hope
and carry it up to the highest peaks,
where fear can’t breathe
and where the bottle could tip over
sending all the wishes of the world
tumbling down to roam our earth
and tickle the world whole.