An Essential Quote about the Power of Kindness.


Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone


Words are so precious.

There are times when we can feel at battle with them, when we so badly want to express the deepest parts of ourselves or what we experience, and come up short.

Sometimes there are just no words, and the world itself is ever-spinning, and we are spilling over with emotion. This can be so wondrous, and also difficult and isolating.

Language allows us to connect, but also provides the barrier to the truths that lie behind it. Ah, words!

But then, once in awhile, the right words appear. They can pour right out in a spellbinding moment of harmony between self and world, between us in communication.

They can come in the form of storytelling, the perfect book you sink into and never want to end.

Or, they can come in the form of a poem, like the one below, by Jack Kerouac, who never seemed to take a single word for granted.

I think Kerouac’s ability to put a mountain of truth into each word formation was a dual commitment, which he fed with discipline and passion: to live life beyond the border of words to its very edges, and to do everything he possibly could to reach out to others, using language to give structure to the messiness, chaos and glory that he found.

I read this poem often. I love how it takes us to the vital importance of being kind and not harboring negativity, and to the sacred aspects of ordinary life, which can be our springboard into awe and ecstasy.

Rocks don’t see what we see. Should we take what we see so seriously? What a beautiful sentiment.

I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to let it move through you as you carry out your day!


“The world you see is just a movie in your mind.
Rocks don’t see it.
Bless and sit down.
Forgive and forget.
Practice kindness all day to everybody
and you will realize you’re already
in heaven now.
That’s the story.
That’s the message.
Nobody understands it,
nobody listens, they’re
all running around like chickens with heads cut
off. I will try to teach it but it will
be in vain, s’why I’ll
end up in a shack
praying and being
cool and singing
by my woodstove
making pancakes.”

~ Jack Kerouac



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5 thoughts on “An Essential Quote about the Power of Kindness.

  1. I once taught healthy living techniques to adjudicated teenage girls who lived together in a group home. One girl, Diamond, came up to me after our weekly meeting, and said “I’m getting out next week and am going back to my family. But please don’t tell any of the other girls that, because they will do their best to get me into trouble so that I have to stay here longer.” This was about the saddest thing I ever heard, the girls sabotaging each other and ultimately themselves by creating an atmosphere of nastiness and distrust.

    The next week Diamond had left and in our meeting we were talking about how we would change ourselves to make our lives better. I took the opportunity to look them all one by one full in the eyes, and said that kindness was the most important thing in life, that giving kindness to others would create so much more kindness coming back to them, and it was my sincerest wish that they would all practice kindness during the coming week, even when not feeling the person kindness was directed toward deserved it. They took it in with attention and solemnity. I hope it helped some in their difficult circumstances.

    Why is kindness such a hard thing to learn? It seems as though it should be inborn. And this is why forgiveness is so important, when kindness doesn’t come as expected. We can only teach love when we return kindness in the face of callousness and even cruelty.


  2. what a great question: why is kindness such a hard thing to learn? the lengths we go to, to protect ourselves, believing this protection is helping us … thank you for this beautiful story. what amazing work you do!


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